What is TKJ Electronics?

TKJ Electronics was founded in 2009 by Thomas (Kølbæk) Jespersen, a student with a keen interest in electronics.

Before TKJ Electronics was founded, Thomas had spent a lot of money on development boards, but never really found a development board which suited his finance and needs.

Then he got the idea to create a company whose main interest would be to demonstrate and create a wide spectre of electronic development boards, at reasonable costs. The idea was to either create development boards which he would be interested in buying for himself, as a hobbyist, or to find and review pre-existing ones that would suit his needs.

TKJ Electronics' slogan is "Development with ease", and we try our best to satisfy our customers needs, either by doing consultancy for them (hardware/software), or by making the right electronic product for them.

We hope that our boards will help students, hobbyists, universities and other people interested in electronics getting started with electronics development themselves!

We definitely also hope to be able to help companies to fullfill their ideas and electronics need - whether it's about hardware development or software development!

Who are We?

Thomas Jespersen


Electronics designer
& consultant

Currently TKJ Electronics is a two-man business consisting of Thomas Jespersen, the owner and founder, and Kristian Lauszus, one of the electronics consultants.

Thomas is a student from Denmark with a keen interest in electronics. He bought his first PIC Development kit when he was 15, and from there on he has developed a lot of projects.

In his sparetime Thomas works with electronics and develops new products.

Thomas is the chief executive officer (CEO) at TKJ Electronics. Although he has to take care of the management, he also does a lot of product development (ideas and schematics), programming, documentation and especially consultancy.

Kristian Lauszus


Electronics designer
& consultant

Kristian is a student from Denmark with a keen interest in electronics, too. He has great experience with the Arduino, FEZ Panda and mbed.

Currently Kristian is our .NET Micro Framework specialist, and with his great knowledge in USB device, host and Bluetooth® programming, his skills is very usefull for fast embedded development.

At TKJ Electronics, Kristian will do electronics designing, programming and consultancy too.