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mbed Peripheral Board

The mbed Peripheral board is an easy to use expansion board for the mbed microprocessor module

The mbed microprocessor board contains a lot of different peripherals, though a lot of them requires some kind of external connector or external compoenents. With this board you simply Plug in your mbed and you have access to all the peripherals.

The mbed Peripheral Board makes easy access to the following peripherals by their specific connectors:

  • USB Client
  • USB Host
  • Ethernet
  • Micro SD

Besides of making easy access to the peripherals listed above, all the mbed pins are also exposed in a female header, making it possible to connect wires to the mbed for external circuitry.

Last but not least the mbed Peripheral Board also contains a power regulator so you won't always have to power the mbed using a computer (or USB adapter).

This makes the board a great development-addon for the mbed developer that would like some easy access to the different peripherals for his next embedded project.

The board is sold as a kit. This means you get a green professional made PCB (board) including all the required components, especially all the specific connectors. All the components are thru hole mounted so it isn't difficult to solder, if you have the basic soldering skills. The Micro SD card connector comes pre-soldered, as it is only available in SMD version!

OBS. The board doesn't come with the mbed module. This has to be bought seperately!

The assembly guide images together with the schematic of the board can be downloaded from the following link: Assembly Guide
The schematic itself can also be found as a single PDF here: mbed Periphiral Board - Schematic.pdf

The mbed Peripheral board can be bought in our webshop at a price of $33.50 excl. tax.

You can read more about what the mbed is and this mbed Peripheral Board and the development process on our blog: mbed - Rapid Prototyping with Microcontrollers